China unveils its kamikaze drone, similar to Shahed-136 – photo
Photo: Defense Arabia

China has introduced its unmanned aerial vehicle – the ASN-301, as reported by Defense Arabia.

This device closely resembles the Israeli Harpy and the Iranian Shahed 136. The ASN-301 can penetrate enemy airspace and remain there until a radar signal is detected.

Upon detecting a target, the device stabilizes on it and delivers a precise strike. The ASN-301 is more compact than the Harpy (2.5 meters compared to 2.7 meters) but has a higher maximum speed of 220 km/h. Its flight range is 288 km, with an endurance of four hours.

The technical specifications of the ASN-301 allow it to home in on targets within a 25 km radius and strike up to eight radar installations. The device's warhead is triggered by a laser detonator and has a lethal radius of 20 meters.

Фото: Defense Arabia
Photo: Defense Arabia
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