Famed Ukrainian aviation firm to produce UAVs capable of penetrating deep into Russia
Photo: Wikipedia

State-owned enterprise Antonov will increase the production of drones, diversifying its main direction – production, Reuters reports with reference to the closed presentation of defense concern Ukroboronprom presented in Washington in June to American officials.

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The drone center will conduct experimental aerodynamic research, build full-featured simulators for training drone operators, and develop component standards. In total, the center will have 26 functions.

The new drone center will better meet Ukraine's military needs now and give Antonov's engineers more work, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters. According to him, Antonov's experience in creating cargo planes will help Ukraine as it will be used to create long-range drones that will strike deep into the Russian Federation.

Drone production can now support ex-Soviet aerospace companies such as Antonov, which have lost a major customer in Russia and suffered major damage from Russian attacks.

Under the leadership of Ukroboronprom, Antonov previously designed and manufactured drones, including the Horlytsia model, but cargo planes have long been the main line of business.

Ukroboronprom did not respond to Reuters' request, citing security concerns.