Number of IT workers in Ukraine continues to decline, study finds

The number of workers in the top fifty IT companies in Ukraine continues to decline, a study by DOU, Ukraine’s largest community of tech developers, has found.

Over the past six months, the number of IT professionals in Ukraine has decreased by 6100 people, or 6.6 percent, to 86,300, down from 92,400 last winter.

The number of specialists in the 25 largest IT companies in Ukraine now stands at 67,400, which is 5,700 less than six months ago.

In particular, there are 5,100 less technical specialists in Ukraine’s top hi-tech firms, a trend that was first observed in the early months of this year.

One of the reasons for the reduction in the number of employees is the smaller number of projects, the DOU study points out, citing the companies such as EPAM, SoftServe, GlobalLogic, EVOPLAY, Luxoft Ukraine.

EPAM says that since the second half of 2022, the global economic slowdown has added to the problems associated with the war.

"This has led to foreign customers being more cautious about placing IT projects in Ukraine. As a result, the volume of hiring new specialists has decreased, and the need for specialists is covered by the reserve," the study says.

In addition, some ERAM specialists went abroad to escape the war and were legalised there.