1. From buying a ticket to the flight – nearly 20 years
  2. From a communal apartment in Odesa to outer space
  3. Preparing for the flight
  4. What she took with her to space

"This was my way of reminding that Ukraine is still fighting, that there is a war here," says Lina Borozdina, who became the first Ukrainian woman in space and the first space tourist from Ukraine. Born in Odesa, she has held American citizenship for many years but took a Ukrainian flag with her on the spaceplane, which was also on her suit's patch. She waited nearly 20 years for this flight.

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On January 26, along with three other tourists, Lina embarked on a suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic. The carrier aircraft, Virgin Galactic VMS Eve, lifted off with the six-passenger spaceplane VSS Unity.

Eve released Unity at approximately 13,700 meters, after which the spaceplane ventured into suborbital space. Passengers experienced weightlessness, viewed Earth from space, and landed 90 minutes after takeoff. spoke with Lina Borozdina, sharing her journey of securing a ticket that thousands competed for, her preparation, and her impressions of the flight.

From buying a ticket to the flight – nearly 20 years

Virgin Galactic currently sells tickets for $400,000. However, in 2005, Lina purchased hers for $200,000, requiring her to mortgage her house for the second time.

When Virgin Galactic's founder Richard Branson announced he would soon launch space tourism flights, Lina's ex-husband was curious about the cost. "He wrote them my story, sent a letter. I knew nothing about it," Lina says.

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